Avantco CPT-15-HC 15" Countertop Refrigerated Prep Rail

Item #: 360CPT15HC
Overall Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Holds up to (4) 1/6 size food pans (sold separately); includes (4) 1/6 size pan lids
  • Made of durable stainless steel for corrosion-resistance; comes with adjustable feet
  • Maintains safe food temperatures; uses a mechanical temperature control
  • Small footprint is perfect for prep or service areas with limited space
  • Uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant; 1/6 hp, 115V
Overall Dimensions:
Width: 15"
Depth: 25.75"
Height: 9.125"

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Maximize your sandwich, salad, or sundae production with this Avantco CPT-15-HC 15" countertop refrigerated prep rail! A perfect addition to your preparation area, its angled, raised rail holds four 1/6 size pans up to 6" deep in the back and 4" deep in the front. The compact 15" width fits easily on prep tables or countertops, providing the operator with additional toppings for subs, salads, or flatbreads.

Do you serve ice cream or frozen yogurt? This prep rail is great for holding cold toppings! You can load it up with whipped cream, fruit toppings, or cheesecake bites to allow your staff to quickly create tempting sundaes. It is also great for self-serve topping stations at concession stands, kiosks, or food trucks.

This prep rail's 1/6 hp compressor helps to maintain food safe holding temperatures so that your sundae toppings, sandwich add-ons, or condiments stay cold and fresh. This model uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant which has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0 and a global warming potential (GWP) of 3. As a result, the unit is an environmentally-responsible choice for your business.

The prep rail's durable stainless steel construction stands up to harsh commercial environments and resists corrosion, ensuring a quality product that will last at your establishment for years to come. It also has adjustable feet that allow you to keep the prep rail level on uneven surfaces. A 115V electrical connection is required for operation.

This unit should only be used during operational hours to maintain the cold temperature of pre-chilled food. It should not be used for continuous or long term storage, but rather maintained with a daily emptying and cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

  • This unit seems to be good and is a great price per pan for cooling. I need to call out a few things, though, that might affect your operation. The front to pans are 1/6 sized 4" deep and are tilted. If you have any liquid in them, then you'll lose some depth as the liquid will tilt. In other words, the contents will spill out if you fill the pan too much because it's tilted. This unit is not meant to be used as a permanent refrigerator. It is meant to hold already cold food at a safe temperature -- the food you add must already be cold. If you put in warm food, it takes a long time to chill it to a safe temperature. For example, to drop 75 degrees water in the pan to 39 degrees took six hours. The unit does not have a defrost setting, so it must be unplugged every night and the food put into a different refrigerator. Alternatively you can put it on a commercial plug timer. My kitchen is an ice cream shop with an ambient temperature of 72-75 degrees.
    Samuel Hopkins
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