Avantco 178SCREW25 Set Screw Packet with 25 Set Screws and Allen Wrench

Item #: 178SCREW25
  • Includes 25 set screws and an allen wrench
  • Allows adjustment and repair of Avantco prep refrigerator overshelves

Assemble your Avantco prep table overshelf or make fast, easy repairs by utilizing this Avantco set screw packet! Great for new start ups or a business that is already up and running, this packet of screws is good to have on hand so you are always prepared to repair and maintain your overshelf. Since this packet comes with 25 set screws you'll have plenty of hardware to keep it in working condition. Plus, this packet of hardware includes an allen wrench so you don't need to worry about whether or not you have the correct wrench size already on hand.

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