Avantco 360GSKTGSM3 Door Gasket for GSM-3 and GSM-3-2 Refrigerators

Item #: 360GSKTGSM3
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  • Replaces a worn out door gasket
  • Compatible with Avantco GSM-3 and GSM-3-2 display refrigerators
  • Seals in cold air, locks out warm air
  • Ensures maximum energy efficiency

This Avantco 360GSKTGSM3 door gasket serves as a direct replacement for a worn out or broken one on GSM-3 and GSM-3-2 display refrigerators. Your refrigerator's gasket is key to maintaining maximum efficiency and a low run cost, forming a tight seal that locks in cold air and keeps hot air out. Less temperature transfer in turn makes the compressor run less often, saving you money on your electric bill and reducing the strain on your refrigeration system. If you find that your gasket is torn, be sure to replace it promptly.

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