Avantco 178UC27KTFR Field Reversible Hinge Kit

Item #: 178UC27KITFR
Overall Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Converts select models to a left-hinge design

Use this Avantco 178UC27KTFR hinge kit to convert the right-hinged door on select Avantco refrigeration equipment to a left-hinged design. It comes with a top left and bottom left hinge pivot, necessary for the conversion.

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Customer Reviews

  • Sturdy product that gives you the option on which way you wan to open your door. A must have product just to have on hand.
    Joshua Bankey
  • Definitely recommend for all avantco freezers or refrigerators.They will help you make the most out of your space by switching the direction of how the doors open.
    Alexandra B Hirku
  • Hinge kit worked great to relocate the side the door to our worktop freezer did not swing the way we needed it to. Install was straight forward and it's nice to be able to switch it back later if need be.
    Ryan Anderson
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