Avantco 178PSH7LN12 7 Lane Pusher Bottle Organizer for 12 - 16 oz. Cans and 12 - 20 oz. Bottles

Item #: 178PSH7LN12
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5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Holds (42) 12 - 16 oz. cans and 12 - 20 oz. bottles
  • Spring-feed design pushes bottles to the front of the shelf as stock is removed
  • Ideal for flat shelves in cold vaults, coolers, and merchandising racks
  • Attaches to shelf back wire, eliminating need for cable ties
  • Attractive scooped-ring front
  • This item was made in the United States of America.

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This Avantco 7 lane bottle organizer is the easy way to turn standard cooler shelves into organized merchandising space that looks great and is easy to restock! Each lane of this organizer kit is designed to hold 12 - 16 oz. cans and 12 - 20 oz. bottles, for a total capacity of 42 beverages per shelf. And since it features a spring-fed pusher design, it will automatically feed the next beverage in the lane to the front as stock is removed. This design also makes it easy to see at a glance when you're low on or out of a particular beverage and refill it.

It attaches to the back wire of your shelf, which eliminates the need for the cable ties other competitor products require for installation. An attractive scooped front ring design holds beverages in place while still offering a clear view of the labeling, too. Use it to clean up cluttered merchandiser shelving and keep track of your stock with ease!

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  • Fit perfect on my Avantco fridge
    Marcela Buitrago
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