Avantco 178GSKT10521 Vinyl Magnetic Door Gasket for A-49F-HC, A-49R-HC, CFD-2FF, CFD-2RR, CFD-3FF, CFD-3RR, SS-2F-HC, SS-2R-HC, SS-3F-HC, and SS-3R-HC

Item #: 178GSKT10521
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5.0 out of 5 stars
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  • Creates a tight seal for temperature retention; saves energy
  • Made from gray vinyl
  • Snap-in mount

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This Avantco 178GSKT10521 replacement door gasket is designed to fit your existing CFD-2 and CFD-3 series reach ins. This gray, vinyl gasket ensures that the refrigerator door closes with a tight seal, trapping cold air to maintain food safe temperatures and save energy.

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Customer Reviews

  • After four years of heavy use of our Avantco fridge, the gaskets on our door started to show wear and the door was not vacuum sealing as it once had. My husband ordered this replacement part and was able to easily replace the gasket himself and it restored the vacuum seal. When it is first installed you do need to make sure that the door closes all the way until the gaskets are broken in.
    Chelsea Stoddard
  • Just the right part at the right time. Fridge doesn't cycle near as often any more. Very easy to install as well. Be aware, it takes a day or two for the kinks from shipping to straighten out, but they will.
    Mike Harris
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