Avantco CPW-68-HC 67 3/4" 12 Tub White Deluxe Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

Item #: 178CPW68HC
Overall Customer Rating
3.2 out of 5 stars
  • Displays up to 12 ice cream tubs; stores up to 8 tubs beneath (capacity measured in 3 gallon tubs)
  • White design helps showcase colorful flavors and samples
  • Features stainless steel shelf on top of canopy for spoons, samples, and other supplies
  • Uses R290 refrigerant
  • 115V, 1 hp; 5.2 Amps
  • Includes tub inserts and covers
Overall Dimensions:
Width: 67.75"
Depth: 28"
Height: 51.25"
Display: 12 Tubs
Storage: 8 Tubs

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Display, merchandise, and serve a delicious variety of ice cream flavors with this Avantco CPW-68-HC white deluxe ice cream dipping cabinet! Holding up to 12 ice cream tubs at a time, the unit is perfect for ice cream shops, candy stores, dessert bars, and cafeterias. The frozen storage space beneath the display even provides a convenient place for holding up to 8 tubs of back-up flavors, making it a convenient unit for businesses with limited space.

Outfitted with a glass canopy, the dipping cabinet is perfect for front-of-house applications. A deep shelf is built on top of the canopy too, which is ideal for placing sampling spoons, cups, promotional materials, and prepared orders. Not only does the canopy prevent customers from contaminating the product, but it ensures crystal-clear visibility for merchandising purposes. By showcasing bright, fruity or dark and decadent, chocolatey flavors behind the glass and illuminating it with LED lighting, you tempt customers into trying a bite -- or a few! A sliding cover also protects the ice cream, while helping to retain cold air around the product for a safe holding environment. Because it slides open and closed, it's fast and easy to use, too, which is perfect for those busy rush hours or constant streams of customers in the summer months!

This dipping cabinet ensures optimal performance by operating with a 1 hp refrigeration system that circulates R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant to maintain temperatures from -15 to -8 degrees Fahrenheit. R290 refrigerant has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0 and a global warming potential (GWP) of 3.

With a smooth, white design, the unit is built for long-lasting use in a variety of business settings. A 115V electrical connection is required for operation.

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  • You cannot go wrong with this Avantco cabinet!
    Shary Trejo
  • our avantco dipper arrived in very good condition and fast and besides that this machine is working prety good beautifull item,it will make your store unique
    Maria Rodrigues
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