Avantco 17815972 Cutting Board Bracket

Item #: 17815972
Overall Customer Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars
  • 2 used per unit
  • Used on any Avantco refrigeration equipment with a cutting board
  • Holds cutting board in place

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This Avantco 17815972 cutting board bracket is a perfect replacement for a worn out or broken one. It is used to hold the cutting board on your Avantco prep table in place. If the bracket on your unit has become damaged or lost, be sure to fix it promptly so that your employees can cut and dice safely. It is compatible with all Avantco salad / sandwich and pizza preparation refrigerators.

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Customer Reviews

  • This part can be used for any worktable or sandwich table that needs a cutting board secured.
    Shai Mauth
  • great price that can't be beat on replacement brackets for the cutting boards on your prep cooler. very sturdy, would be even better if they supplied the screws!
  • Has done everything I’ve needed them for. Stiffer and less likely to bend than simple bent steel versions Very good purchase for my needs. thank you
    Yi Li
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