Avantco 360SNZGD60 59" Sneeze Guard

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Item #: 360SNZGD60

  • Prevents contamination of food
  • Designed to fit a countertop prep rail in place of the stainless steel lid
  • Clear glass design doesn't obstruct customers' view
  • Enclosed front, top, and sides

This Avantco 360SNZGD60 sneeze guard is the perfect way to protect your refrigerated prep rail from contamination without obstructing your customers' view! Add this sneeze guard to your Avantco CPT-60-HC prep rail if you want to use the prep rail in customer-facing applications.

With its clear glass design, this sneeze guard lets your customers see all the tempting creations you have to offer. Plus, it is enclosed on the front, top, and sides so that it can effectively protect your food from airborne contaminants or tampering.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 59"
Width: 15 1/2"
Height: 8"
Top Clearance: 7 3/4"