Avantco SNZGD8 Flat Glass Sneeze Guard - 49"

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Item #: 360SNZGD8

  • Directly replaces sneezeguard standard on select dipping cabinets
  • Flat glass design
  • Serves as a barrier between customers and open ice cream tubs
  • Prevents customers from breathing or sneezing on the product and contaminating it
  • Allows for product visibility to showcase ice cream flavors

This Avantco SNZGD8 flat glass sneeze guard directly replaces the one that comes standard on select dipping cabinets. Whether the original was damaged, misplaced, or otherwise compromised, this part will ensure that your unit is operating as intended in no time! With a flat glass design, the guard serves as a barrier between ice cream tubs and customers. Not only does it showcase the available selection of dessert flavors, but it prevents customers from breathing or sneezing on the product, contaminating it, and rendering it inedible.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 49"
Depth: 28"
Height: 17"